City of Peoria to bring more green to Northside walking trail, saplings to reduce stormwater runoff

Alta Road could soon look a little greener thanks to a grassroots initiative to plant more trees along a sparse walking path in the area.

The City of Peoria Public Works Department is partnering with a couple of local organizations and residents who are rooted in bettering and beautifying the community. On Wednesday, July 8, the group met along a half mile stretch of the roadway to assess what type of trees might best suit the site.

Group members are exploring the addition of oak, honey locustKentucky coffeetrees and other varieties suitable for the region’s soil type and native to the state of Illinois. The group will also ensure the trees line up with a list of approved street trees identified by the Peoria Urban Forestry Advisory Board (PUFAB) and the City’s Forestry Supervisor. Come this fall the trail could be lined with 10 various young saplings for starters.

Trees bring tremendous benefits to a community,” said Forestry Supervisor Shawn Johnson. “Not only will these trees provide a broad canopy to help shade the path, but they’ll also bring a cooling effect, clean our air and reduce the amount of stormwater runoff.” 

Any member of the public who is interested in getting involved or taking an active approach to the City’s urban forestry vision can join the PUFAB committee meetings. Board information is available on the City’s website –