Wet weather can often be a drain on our summer plans, but the impact it has on area waterways can be far more damaging. Recent flood events at the Illinois River at Peoria have sparked the need to remind residents of simple ways they can help reduce stormwater runoff and lessen the number of Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) events.

We all can play a role in solving Peoria’s wet weather problems. The following are several sustainable solutions property owners can begin using today:

  1. Capture Rainwater
    Install rain barrels to capture the rainwater that runs off of your roof. Use it to water your flowers or grass. Reducing runoff by changing your landscape and waterflow will slow down the rate at which stormwater rushes into our creeks, streams and river.
  2. Plant a Rain Garden
    Beautify your property and our community while reducing stormwater runoff and flooding by installing a rain garden. The garden will help capture and retain rainwater and allow for it to absorb into soil at a much slower rate.
  3. Go Permeable
    Choose porous pavers or permeable pavement for your patio or driveway. Consider utilizing mulch for walkways instead of hard surfaces.
  4. Choose Native Plants
    Make your yard thirstier with native plants, grasses and shrubs. Deep root systems help hold soil in place and can aid in filtering groundwater.
  5. Watch Yard Waste
    Sweep your grass clippings, fertilizer and soil onto your lawn so they do not get washed into stormwater drains.
  6. Pick it Up
    Put trash in an appropriate receptacle and pick up after pets to keep our water clean. Polluted runoff is one of the greatest threats to clean water in the U.S.

Solutions Start at Home
Every part of Peoria is affected by stormwater runoff problems. By taking some or all these simple steps, we can tackle stormwater runoff challenges together, choosing proactive approaches that add beauty, save money and protect our waterways. Learn more about our stormwater runoff challenges and how Peoria is going green to combat the issues here at peoriastormwater.com/addressing-issues.