Four tips for everyday pollution prevention 

Rain washes anything that’s on our streets and paved surfaces down storm drains and into our nearby streams and river. Keeping our water clean and free of pollutants starts with you and your property. You can help keep our water clean by taking simple steps to keep contaminants our out of our storm sewers.

Read and review the following tips and challenge yourself to put one or all into practice in the new year:

  • Pet waste carries harmful bacteria. Be sure to pick up after your pet and properly dispose of it.
  • Leaves, and grass clippings feed algae in streams and rivers. Keep them out of waterways. Use the city of Peoria’s yard waste collection program to properly dispose of yard waste. Visit our Peoria Picks Up! campaign webpage for more: com/yard-waste/.
  • Trash clogs drains and pipes, which can cause flooding and health risks for wildlife. Take action to pick up litter on and around your property and properly place it inside your trash or recycling cart.
  • Leaking coolant, oil and gas is bad for your driveway and for our water. Schedule routine car maintenance to address any issues or active leaks.

Learn more about best practices for caring for our waterways here on And for more ways to prevent stormwater pollution, review the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s top 10 list here.