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The Problem

Do you know where the water goes after a storm or snowmelt?

The way it currently drains is creating major issues for Peoria. Take a closer look at our wet weather problems and what’s causing them.


Stormwater 101

Out of sight, out of mind: You probably don’t think much about the stormwater system because most of it is underground. But we all depend on it, every day, no matter where we live. Since the first roads and buildings were built in Peoria, erosion, flooding and other damage from runoff have overwhelmed our stormwater system — even in newer areas of Peoria.

Old Pipes, Big Danger

Miles of sewer pipes run beneath our streets, parking lots and in our backyards. The oldest of those pipes are failing due to age. That can lead to collapsing pipes which causes sinkholes and flooding — all of which pose a risk to public safety. Because we can’t see them, we don’t know when failures might occur. With better monitoring, we can extend the life of pipes and make minor repairs before they turn into major emergencies.


Pollution Problems

As stormwater rushes across streets, parking lots and driveways, it picks up trash, chemicals, bacteria and other waste, then flows into our creeks, streams and river. That’s not just a health issue — it’s a regulatory one, too. If we don’t comply with the Clean Water Act, we have to pay major penalties. We’d rather keep those dollars here improving our community than send fines to Springfield and Washington, D.C.

What Are CSOs?

CSO stands for Combined Sewer Overflows. In the oldest parts of town, the sewers carry both wastewater and stormwater —hence the name Combined Sewers. They work fine in dry weather, but 20-30 times a year, runoff from rain or snowmelt overloads these sewers and untreated sewage flows into the Illinois River.


Wet Weather Resources

Ready to take a deeper dive into stormwater? Explore our resource library to see how other cities are tackling the problem, learn what green solutions could do for Peoria and find ways you can help.

Stormwater Utility FAQ

The City of Peoria installed the first complete green streets. If we invest in smart, natural stormwater solutions now, we can create a beautiful, sustainable future for Peoria. Learn about our proposed stormwater utility and how it can improve our community.

Understanding Citywide Stormwater Issues

Stormwater problems are occurring all across Peoria ... and these are clearly a citizen priority. For years, erosion, flooding and other damage from stormwater runoff have been overwhelming our infrastructure. Newer areas of our City are not immune to drainage problems either. All constructed systems require maintenance, repairs and eventual replacement.

Meet Your Infrastructure

It’s not something we typically think about because much of it is underground. But it’s something we all depend on,
every single day.

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