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We all share responsibility for the health of our river and our community,

and we all have a role to play in solving Peoria’s wet weather problems. Discover how you can help.

It Starts with Simple Steps

Ready to start taking action to reduce runoff and pollution on your property or in your neighborhood? Explore these simple, sustainable solutions.


Capture Rainwater

Install rain barrels to capture the rainwater that runs off your roof. Use it to water your flowers or grass.


Plant a Rain Garden

Beautify your property and reduce runoff by putting in a rain garden filled with perennials.


Go Permeable

Choose porous pavers or permeable pavement for your patio or driveway. Consider mulch for walkways instead of hard surfaces.


Choose Native Plants

Make your yard thirstier with native plants, grasses and shrubs. Deep root systems help hold soil in place.


Watch Yard Waste

Sweep your grass clippings, fertilizer and soil onto the lawn so they don’t get washed into the storm drains.


Reduce Your Water Use

Repair leaks, use low-flow toilets and showerheads, and turn off the water when you brush your teeth.


Pick Up Litter

Putting trash in the garbage and picking up after pets are simple things you can do to keep our water clean.


Organize a Project

Work with your church, neighborhood association or other group to implement one of the ideas listed here.

How can you take action on your property?  Find out in the credit and grant manual.

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