Property owners and City benefit from infrastructure improvement partnership

The Private Property Drainage Assistance (PPDA) program is closing out the year after awarding more than $116,000 in assistance to nearly two dozen grant recipients. Throughout 2020, these property owners completed projects that helped resolve various private stormwater infrastructure issues.  

This year’s list of accomplishments includes the following: 

·        Backyard drainage issue repair 
·        Repair of slope failure 
·        Dredging of stormwater detention basin 
·        Erosion repair 
·        Private culvert replacement 

About the Program:  
The Private Property Drainage Assistance Program has been helping local property owners make stormwater improvements on their grounds for more than 30 years. Applicants engage contractors, build plans and secure bids to fix their issue. After being accepted into the program, the construction can start. Upon completion and payment to the contractor, grant recipients can then receive reimbursement from the City’s Stormwater Utility fund. The program reimburses 75% of a project cost up to a maximum reimbursement of $7,500, to help fund the project.

“Our commitment to improving stormwater infrastructure is realized through programs such as this,” said Andrea Klopfenstein, City Stormwater Engineer. “This is a great program that builds a partnership between the City and property owners to make improvements and realize solutions to our stormwater issues.”

Klopfenstein describes the program as mutually beneficial for both the City and property owners as the improvements often lead to: improved property values, updated stormwater infrastructure and better drainage overall.

Research the Reimbursement Grant:  
The Peoria Public Works Department will request program funding for next year during the upcoming budget process. If funded, the next application period will open in January 2021. Reimbursement grants are awarded on a first come, first serve basis. More information including a downloadable application is available here on our Peoria Stormwater website under the ‘Your Utility’ tab. Just drop down to ‘Credits and Grants