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Our Solution

Addressing our city’s wet weather problems isn’t an option  —

All constructed systems deteriorate with time. Ignoring that fact just changes the size of the problem. But we do have a choice in how we tackle these issues. That’s why we’re pursuing innovative solutions that save money, beautify public spaces and boost our local economy.

Go Green

Reducing runoff by changing our urban landscape will slow down the rate at which stormwater rushes into our creeks, streams and river. This simple and obvious approach would make Peoria the first city in the nation to use 100% green alternatives to combat CSOs.


Rain Gardens

The City of Peoria installed the first complete green streets. Slightly sunken gardens with native plants collect runoff from roofs, driveways and sidewalks.


Permeable Pavers

Porous materials allow water to flow through instead of running off the surface into storm sewers.



Landscaped curb extensions absorb stormwater runoff to keep it from entering sewers.



Long, gently sloping earthen gutters slow stormwater runoff and break down pollutants.

See how green helps put Peoria to work.


Improve Our Infrastructure

1,250: That's how many stormwater service requests the city has received since 2014. Erosion, flooding and damage from runoff is threatening people’s homes, garages and other buildings. With adequate funding, we can address the backlog of complaints and take a more proactive approach to wet weather management.

Maintain and Protect

Implementing sustainable stormwater solutions is the first, big step. But the work’s not over when a project is complete. The process of maintaining all infrastructure is never-ending. Pipes, inlets, channels, pervious pavements, rain gardens all need regular care. We need to keep our new green infrastructure healthy — and that means investing in ongoing maintenance like sweeping streets, removing debris and removing invasive plants.