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Peoria’s Stormwater Utility

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Why a stormwater utility?

After a heavy rain or snow, the water must go somewhere. Our city relies on a stormwater system of pipes, creeks, ravines, culverts and more to manage wet weather. This storm system needs upkeep to work as it should, which requires funding. The stormwater utility is a new dedicated funding stream — money set aside just for stormwater. For the first time ever, Peoria has a way to maintain and strengthen our crucial system for the wellbeing of our city.


Our city faces major wet weather issues.

Erosion. Old, crumbling pipes. Failing culverts that lead to sinkholes. Pollution. Every part of Peoria suffers from stormwater problems. With the stormwater utility, we can tackle stormwater challenges together, choosing proactive approaches that add beauty, save money and protect our waterways.

See citywide stormwater issues.

Your Utility At Work

Because Peoria’s stormwater utility is a dedicated funding stream, the money generated can only be used to manage wet weather issues. Funding from the stormwater utility will help us tackle our current backlog of 400+ stormwater projects. With each project, we strengthen the system we rely on daily. Take a look at some of our upcoming projects.

Drainage Assistance Program Aids in Stormwater Improvements

Property owners and City benefit from infrastructure improvement partnership The Private Property Drainage Assistance (PPDA) program is closing out the year after awarding more than $116,000 in assistance to nearly two dozen grant recipients. Throughout 2020, these property owners completed projects that helped resolve various private stormwater infrastructure issues.  …

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Do Your Part

Some wet weather problems (like replacing aging infrastructure) need to be tackled on a city-wide level. But you can do plenty of simple things on your own property to help reduce runoff — and possibly lower your stormwater utility bill, too.